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Monsoon season causes framerate drops and weird map visuals

  • Version: Console Pending

Everytime the Nintendo Switch is pushed to its limits and the framerate drops my map got weird visual issues. In most cases this results in a crash. I once tried to save and restart the game as I noticed the "map visuals", but the game crashed during saving.

This bug makes monsoon season nearly unplayable because the constant rain and the puddles always cause framerate drops and let the game crash. I have to stay in my base during monsoon season to avoid these crashes.

I added 2 videos, to show you how this looks (both during monsoon season):



Steps to Reproduce
Spend the first half of monsoon season in your base and then explore the map during rain. Puddles should spawn on the other islands which should cause framerate drops (in addition to the rain). If you open the map during the framerate drops the map sometimes get weird visuals. A few seconds later the game crashs.
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