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Hound attack only spawns 1 doggy after leaving volcano

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Not sure if it happens to everyone.

I am playing a game as wolfgang in a shipwrecked world and I set my base inside the volcano. I found that everytime when I left the volcano, hound attack went wrong. It spawned only 1 hound, and sometimes without any indication.

I am on day 165, hound attacks after 1 whole year should contain more than 6 doggies as i remember.

Steps to Reproduce
1. create a game as shipwrecked and find the volcano. 2. stay inside the volcano for at least 2 days. 3. leave the volcano and encounter a wave of hound attack, see if there is only 1 doggy

User Feedback

On 4/28/2017 at 3:14 PM, someonefromcanada38 said:

I've had this too at various times, after leaving the volcano the next hound attack only sends 1

Glad to hear a respond from you, my friend.

I hate this bug so much, since hound attack is the only source of hound's tooth in a SW world.

Setting the primary base inside volcano is my habit and I was not able to build sewing kit until the 2nd hurricane season, about Day 100. At the time, I was aware that I have to stay intendedly on land waiting for blue hounds... 

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This also is true for leaving the caves in RoG world linked to SW. When you get out of the Caves next hound attack will only have 1 dog. Pretty nice, actually, I always hated that welcoming commitee they always send to greet your half dead, insane character, that miraculously escaped the horrors of the caves only to get eaten by dogs on the way home.

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