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  1. Can confirm this, not sure if this is a bug or intended. Coffeebushes require new fertilizer after 1 to 2 harvest during Mild, Hurricane and Monsoon seasons. In my opinion, I would NOT like this to be fixed, since coffee is fairly OVERPOWERED in current version. Given that the walking cane only gains a 25% MS boost when equiped, lots of DST players are discussing about how to nerf it... Coffee should only provide a MS boost of <25% also, instead of 83.3%.
  2. I have done with the generation of random numbers on DS & DST, it is very highly time-dependent upon the early start of the game. I have experience 3 times of frustrating results of 'random generation'. If you start the game on a certain period of a day (e.g. between 11:00PM to 11:30PM), you will always get the same random. Like, 12 walrus kills drops 0 walrus hat, everyday on the same time. So, can you guys change math.randomseed(os.time()) into math.randomseed(tostring(os.time()):reverse():sub(1,6)) The line 'math.randomseed(os.time())' makes the random generations very time-dependent. I think you guys know the mechanism of randomseed, don't you? The game should start with a different randomseed on 8:35pm and 8:36pm, isn't it? A simple change will make a big improvement to old DST players and lovers, because people usually launch DST on the same peroid of day after supper. And we want the random results to be real random. As far as i know, math.randomseed(tostring(os.time()):reverse():sub(1,6)) is a better choice. This line of code can obtain 100,000 different randomseeds during 1 single second. I tried to change the line manually, and it worked way better on the gameplay. P.S.: Please also make the change for DS if possible. Thank you!!
  3. 2 or more Deerclops will fight each other also, so do beargers.
  4. Hi Shyercaulfield, I happened to have the same problem. This happened after I manually backup and restored my savefiles inside the steam folder. I shut the game down inside the volcano and replaced the savefiles with a backup. After then, my game started to produce tons of errors.
  5. There has been many reports on this issue, and it seems really difficult to be fixed
  6. As far as I know, You can't avoid the constant lag on Don't starve together, because of the different executing mechanics of DST. When you are hosting and playing a DST game with cave, you will be able to see 3 parallel processes on your Windows Task Manager, including your game client (DST), a dedicated server for upground and another for the cave. Otherwise the server processes are running on your friend's computer. There is more information on Don't starve Wiki,'t_Starve_Wiki
  7. Thank you JohnWatson and JanH~~ I love the whole series of holmes as well I turned Display food value off and the framedrop turns out to be much better. Does the MOD 'Show me' produce the same lagging trouble as well? Can i use it as an alternative?
  8. This problem has been found on my computer many times. After 1-hour running on DST, whenever I move the mouse cursor over an item in the inventory or backpack, screen will be stagnant for about 0.5 sec. If I move my mouse cursor from item to item very fast, I got huge framedrops. This is VERY annoying since it will be impossible for me to switch between Cane/Weapon on boss fight in the late game. However, this problem goes away if I quit the game and reset the server. This is very strange because it only happens when I move the cursor to an item. The game still runs smoothly when I make other operations. FYI, My computer is not that bad, with I5-3570k and 8GB RAM running@1600MHz. I am using some mods, including Combined Status, Health Info, Display Food Values, wormhole marks, geometric placement, and Action Queue.
  9. So, do you mean, even if you choose to 'start from Autumn', the new ROG world would still keep synchronised? What you said is true, I entered ROG on the last days of SW's summer. But I can't remember the exact number.
  10. And DRAGONFLY came on night... fortunately, I have coffee and cane, successfully pulled him away from pigman house.
  11. I was shocked today when I was travelling from an existing SW world to a generating ROG world. I set 'start from Autumn'. However when i arrived at ROG, it was summer, and told me 0 day left. I was totally shocked. Luckily, the ambient temperature was normal (around 40 deg), and no wildfire appeared.
  12. Glad to hear a respond from you, my friend. I hate this bug so much, since hound attack is the only source of hound's tooth in a SW world. Setting the primary base inside volcano is my habit and I was not able to build sewing kit until the 2nd hurricane season, about Day 100. At the time, I was aware that I have to stay intendedly on land waiting for blue hounds...
  13. Not sure if it happens to everyone. I am playing a game as wolfgang in a shipwrecked world and I set my base inside the volcano. I found that everytime when I left the volcano, hound attack went wrong. It spawned only 1 hound, and sometimes without any indication. I am on day 165, hound attacks after 1 whole year should contain more than 6 doggies as i remember.
  14. Can confirm this problem. Another interesting thing is sometimes you need to fertilize a planted coffeebush twice before they start to grow beens.
  15. Didn't see any reply yet. Going through the error message, it seems to me that two errors occur at \DLC0002\scripts\components\terraformer.lua. If you guys really wanna play this game before the Rev.194 hotfix is TRUELY released, i have 2 possible solutions for you guys ****************************** Op1. Run a ROG ONLY game, not compatible with SW, The ROG-only world does not recall terraformer.lua in the DLC002 folder, so your game should not produce a crash. ****************************** Op2. use my DIY modified lua file (personal use only) I added a 'if statement' for the flooding related line so it only works in SW world, which means it stop to try indexing field 'flooding' in other worlds (volcano, ROG...) simple change if GetWorld().components.flooding.mode == "tides" then setTileBlocking(false, pt) end into if basetile == GROUND.BEACH then if GetWorld().components.flooding.mode == "tides" then setTileBlocking(false, pt) end end another conditional statement line has been added for the latter lines also. Download this file, and replace the bugged one in your Don't starve folder. Mine is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\dont_starve\data\DLC0002\scripts\components I did a basic test in one SW world and one ROG-SW world, both worlds worked. ****************************** At last, please stick to OFFICIAL hotfix after it is released. terraformer.lua