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Game freezing from some spawns

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The game freezes when it tries to update spawns it seems like. When one is traveling from another plane(caves, volcano, rog to sw) to another andĀ  moves to certain spawners then the game straightup freezes. The music continues but the game is frozen. It doesnt give a bug tracker warning ether, which forces the player to close the game manually. The spawners in question seem to be at least: Ballphins producing offspring, Doy Doys producing offspring(egg hatching), Pig Torches trying to spawn a new Tribal Pig, Whale Carcass trying to explode. There may be even more but those are the spawners that freeze the gameĀ  for sure.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Travel from one plane to another(caves to overworld, rog to shipwrecked, volcano to overworld) 2. Move close to certain spawners (Ballpins, DoyDoys, Whale Carcass, Pig Torches) 3. Game freezes, forcing the player to close the game.

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