Crashes when loading volcano

  • Version: Console Pending

So I have a word that’s about 120 days in, decided to venture to the Volcano to harvest coffee and Dragoon’s, I get to the volcano and enter, the screen goes black and I get a PS4 error message, the suggested actions include making sure that the PS4 and Don’t Starve are updated which they are. I shut down the app and go back on to it, the save file now says Volcano 1-1 and when I attempt to load the save, the screen is black except for the little “loading...” in the bottom, then I get the same error message, so I can’t even go into the save. I love this game but i am not going to bother playing the game if i can’t even access certain features.

can anyone help? 

Steps to Reproduce
I was literally just entering the volcano

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This also happened to me. I was going to the volcano on the first day of dry season and when I entered the volcano the game crashed. I am unable to play on my file because the game crashes every time I load my file.


I hope there’s a fix to this in the future because I really liked that file.

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