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  1. I’ve also experienced this glitch on switch but I was able to fix it by going to the home screen and quitting my game.
  2. When I entered the Volcano on the first day of dry season (This was my Second time entering the volcano) and my game crashed. Now when I try to play that file the game crashes. I am unable to play on that world now. I'm not sure if I should make another file if that is going to happen again. I was playing on a Nintendo Switch. I believe I entered the volcano around day 57 but my file says day 53 so it might be possible that the game went back a previous save where I was also in the volcano.
  3. This also happened to me. I was going to the volcano on the first day of dry season and when I entered the volcano the game crashed. I am unable to play on my file because the game crashes every time I load my file. I hope there’s a fix to this in the future because I really liked that file.
  4. The glitch happens to me as well. There’s really isn’t anywhere I can put it to make the flies stop. I have to keep manure in my inventory to make the noise stop.