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buggy rowing/sailing states.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

by doing any form of movement to enter the row_start or sail_start states in the SGwilsonboating.lua stategraph, and then canceling entering the row or sail states by doing an action(eating is the easiest), your momentum will never really stop(see the gif below) and you'll float along the water.

And lastly, doing anything causing you to enter any state besides "row", "sail", "row_stop", "sail_stop", "dismount", or "doshortaction", from the state "row"(again, eating is easiest), will cause any items that listen to the "startrowing"+"stoprowing"(for instance, torches listen to that.) to not always get the "stoprowing" event, and therefore you can have equipped items, that are inactive, with your only way to fix the behavior is unequipping and reequipping the affected item.(I think for the "startsailing"+"stopsailing" events the same would be true, but nothing uses those...)

Steps to Reproduce
do rowing/sailing, and use the eating state to interrupt the "stop" states for sailing, and prevent cleanup of certain behaviors.

User Feedback

Can confirm this occurs for me too pretty reliably, allows the player to hit mobs while sailing towards them, making fights vs e.g. floaty boaty knights trivial

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