Talking to Maxwell at the end of Adventure Mode crashes the game.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

If the player reaches Maxwell at the end of Adventure Mode, the game will crash after some time has passed without examining him and letting him finish his first line of dialogue. In this instance, I turned off the phonograph before attempting to continue forward. It crashed a few seconds afterwards but also when Maxwell finished talking.

I reported the bug as soon as the game crashed, and I made sure to do a test run of Adventure Mode with absolutely no mods installed or running. Similar to the last bug I reported, it was in an RoG world that was compatible with Hamlet. It might be the same bug and if so, apologies for the repeated bug report.

Apologies for bothering you guys about this. Here's my log.txt if needed.


Also, a photo if it's needed as well:

D19E59292A15EB9EBBCE27494500D38E1FA5065F (1098Ã588)

Steps to Reproduce
Reach the end of Adventure Mode and talk to Maxwell. The phonograph being turned off might also have something to do with it.

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