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Crashes with certain items

  • Version: Console Pending

Everytime I try to use some of the new mechanics in Don't Starve on Switch, such as writing on the mini signs or using the bindling wrap, it crashes the game. It sends me to an error page and I have to restart from when I last started in the game

Steps to Reproduce

Try to draw on a mini sign using the Feathered Pencil, or use the Bundling Wrap and try to.put anything in it.

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User Feedback


Thanks for the bug report - sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the game. Could you let us know if you own the Hamlet DLC? Or are you playing only with Don't Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition?

Does this crash happen on any of your other save slots/ other game worlds? Or is it only happening to one specific save file only?

If you encounter any crash/error messages, could you please provide us with clear/readable screenshots of this?

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