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World Boundary showing on clouds

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Been trying out the new Wormwood recently on Hamlet and found out a really interesting bug with the graphics. After re-exiting the ruins on the island where you find the fountain of youth, during an Aporkalypse, on a certain bit of the island you could clearly see that the boundary of the tiles showed up in the clouds.

Don't get me wrong you COULD NOT walk on it but it was visible. It showed up only for a certain part of the island, not all of it.  Check media for better description!5c7738e2e9008_Schermata2019-02-27alle09_03_47.thumb.png.27a77b5a334a6a808900b94112008144.png

Steps to Reproduce
Wish I knew!

User Feedback

Thanks for the report. It's a known issue that at one point should be addressed. If you could submit a bug from in-game (Main Menu>Options>Report Bug) - it'll upload your savegame for us to look at.

Mention the issue and the saveslot, and if possible save at a position where it's visible - that way we have an immediate repro.

Thanks :)

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