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woodie can die twice in one save

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

hello! this happened in a previous world (with no resurrection things) so i tested this without mods installed. 

when you die before a full moon and wait for woodie to turn, you can be resurrected. the "you are dead" screen sticks, but you can gnaw and attack things like normal, and when you turn back, you can move around and go about your day as if you were alive. the hud disappears and you cant interact with what youve picked up, plus the dead screen stays with you, so its not exactly an exploit, it's just something interesting i found. kind of like when the roc carried your dead body and you could move around on the island she sent you to.

the first shot is my death before i turned, the second is me as the werebeaver, and the third is me after turning back to normal. the morgue also catalogs both deaths. thank you, i hope this helps!

dont starve: woodies ghost dies twice







Steps to Reproduce
play as woodie, die before a full moon and wait to turn into the werebeaver, enjoy life as a ghost with the permanent reminder that youre dead

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