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WereWilba's infinite form

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

As the newly reworked Wilba, there is a way to make here werepig transformation last indefinitely. While the normal full moon transformation works, happening at the start, and ending at the end, forcing the transformation via monster meat causes her to never change back.

Day 1. Transformation forced via 2 pieces of Monster Meat


Skip ahead 20 days, no change at all20190208083159_1.thumb.jpg.308201181b3b626819ce7f392dc00ce3.jpg

Another 20 days skipped


I've also tried killing creatures and eating foods, even dying, but for some reason none of these seem to work



(If I didn't put enough information, I'm truly sorry. I'll do a reupload with any extra info needed if need be)

Steps to Reproduce
Eat two (2) monster meat as Wilba, without wearing the necklace, permanently forces the transformation

User Feedback

When I was playing Wilba too, I figured this was the case too. I tried everything from starving to sacrificing mobs on the amulet. Turns out the Werepig form goes away after 1-2 ingame days. I know you’ve skipped the days via console but I tried that and it didn’t work either. I just activated godmode and the curse reverted as I waited 1 day.

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