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Too many pig followers traps player outside map

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

When traversing the mant nest with 5 pig guard followers, I became trapped outside the room after traveling through the southern door. This happened again after alt+f4. I assume the same would happen in ruins and the roc cave.

Steps to Reproduce
Get a lot of pig followers and try to go through the bottom door while exploring the mant nest.
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User Feedback

his happened to me too...


Most of the time, when entering the the rooms by vertical paths (up or down doors), the pigs that are trapped outside, but this time was me =/




Category: Gameplay

Plataform: Steam/Windows

Using mods: Sort inventory, Minimap, Combined Status, Cooking pot, More slots

Issue Title: Character outside of bounds.

Edited by Kinloth
Adding bug env

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