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Somehow got stuck out-of-bounds in ruins map.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I whacked a "closed" door with my axe, which opened it with no animation, and in I went into a wishing-well chamber from the right. I went to the opposite side of the room (left) and whacked it open too. I had explored both rooms on either side of this wishing well room before entering it, and this was reflected on the map. Exiting through that door simply displayed an empty room with a single light coming in through the roof at center, and a circle of spear traps. The door that I would have arrived in the room at (on the right side of the room) didn't exist. I believe I had actually been to this room before, but there wasn't anything in it except the circle of spear traps. On the map screenshot, the wishing well room is the one directly SE of Wilson's icon.

Wilson was not in this room, I had to move him around a while before I was able to find where he was. I decided to build a fire in the room, and eventually Wilson showed up on the edge of the screen, but he was out-of-bounds and unable to get into the room.... I tried interacting with the 2 doors at top and bottom, but was unable to reach them. Other doors on adjacent rooms don't seem to exist, so I can't get out that way. Save+loads did nothing to help with this. My game is softlocked on day 11, I'll starve to death or get eaten by Charlie if I continue.

Thanks for the free copy though, still definitely worth it! :)





Steps to Reproduce
I don't actually have a lot of experience exploring ruin rooms. Find wherever a door will open with an action, and not a pressure plate, and in the room beyond it, do that again. Maybe it'll happen, maybe not. I can't go reproduce it on that file, I'm softlocked.

User Feedback

I had the same problem, and i gave me a lazy forager to get into de the room, but now other door that i have explores without problems before cause the same problem, and 1 one door is now gone, and i'm stuck on the 2º island. The door vanished is vine block door




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#metoo :D

Only happens when entering a door south in a room.

I get stuck in "nowhere", cannot really enter the room, but also cannot go back to the previous one :(bug.thumb.png.3a526edf4c0e836342bbb42bbc9d0ec1.png

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