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Snurtle Mounds are Bugged - When Lit and Then Dowse, It Still Plays Sound that It's Lit + More

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I've only tested a world with Base Game (No DLC's enabled) and a RoG world that is compatible with SW.

If you light a Slurtle Mound (I did with a Fire Staff), you hear a sizzling/ it's on fire sound and that's it visibly lit (which is normal).

However, if you dowse it (I did with an Ice Staff), the mound is no longer visibly on fire (normal), but you still hear a sizzling/its on fire sound.

Also, the Slurtles/Snurtles that spawn are desperately trying to go back into their mounds you do the above, but just can't for whatever reason.

No mods are enabled. Relogging makes the sound go away, and the Slurtle Mound disappears.


Steps to Reproduce
Light Slurtle Mound (I did with an Ice Staff). Dowse Slurtle Mound (I did with Ice Staff). Mound still sounds like its on fire, Slurtles/Snurtles desperately try to go back home but fail.

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