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Season doesn't get resumed correctly if you save and exit during Aporkalypse

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Normally when the Aporkalypse starts, the existing season and its progress is saved, to be resumed later when the Aporkalypse ends.

However, seasonmanager_pork.lua doesn't include pre_aporkalypse_season and pre_aporkalypse_percent in its OnSave and OnLoad methods.

The aporkalypse component does save/load the current season, but it doesn't pass it back to SeasonManager in EndAporkalypse() (and it also doesn't save the season percent).

Steps to Reproduce
GetAporkalypse():BeginAporkalypse(), then GetAporkalypse():EndAporkalypse()-- this will resume the season as expected. But if you GetAporkalypse():BeginAporkalypse(), then save and exit, and load back in, and then do GetAporkalypse():EndAporkalypse(), it will resume from the beginning of the Temperate season.

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