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ROG-HAM: Items Pushed by Non-Wind.

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Started up a new ROG world, compatible with HAM. Started in Autumn. Items such as seeds and gold are moving along the ground as if being blown by wind. Flint is also moved, but by small intervals. Also, when items reach the edge and fall into the ocean, they show the cloud particle effect from Hamlet.

EDIT: It appears to be tied to the camera panning over items as you move past them, possibly.

Steps to Reproduce
1. Start ROG game, compatible with HAM. Start in Autumn. 2. Watch things on the floor slowly flee from the winds of your destiny.

User Feedback

I verified my game files on steam and it replaced on file.  After that I started a new game.  At first I thought the issue was fixed because it seems when I drop twigs and grass they don't blow away.  Flint and gold that were already on the ground seem to move relatively slowly.  But I still see seeds blowing by at fairly high speed and tumbleweeds still fall off the edge of the land and disappear.

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I'm having the same issue in a Vanilla DS game compatible with Hamlet some but not all items sliding including seeds placed as bait in a bird trap. It's all things that normally blow in the wind, but random. One peice of grass or rock, or nugget will move, another won't and they drop off the edge with a hamlet poof cloud.

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Tumbleweed, gold, and all sorts of things are falling right off of the map, just like Hamlet.

I’ve played through an entire year now, and it’s a yearlong issue. Bumping due to severity.

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