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  1. Please disregard. Found the problem. It was a player problem. Player incompetence. apologies for the erroneous report.
  2. Steam turbines not being created despite having one dupe with mechatronics and one with electrical engineering. materials are available. saved and re-loaded.
  3. Hydrogen, Natural Gas and Petroleum Generators do not have the recharge threshold interface like the coal and manual generators do.
  4. just want to concur with my linux mint version 18 also. after restarting takes two tries to launch. after exiting i am not unable to launch at all.
  5. Seems to be fixed with the latest hot fix. Probably the volt goats caused this. Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!
  6. Hamlet/ROG/SW linked worlds. Total 544 days. Approaching ROG desert crashes game.
  7. Confirmed for me too. The turf is just invisible. Same goes for volcanic turf and marsh turf.
  8. It happens in ROG caves, too. Those winds blow through over and throught the entire world.
  9. World hopping and staying in another world (ROG in this case) seems to accumulate your bat waves in hamlet. When i came back from ROG to hamlet i had to kill like 40 bats and the BFB immediately spawned too. A few days later a day 6 bat wave came as well (which may be related to the ROG/Shipwrecked single hound wave glitch when hopping worlds or leaving caves/volcano)
  10. Yes i had three out of my 18 nettle plants blooming and they were invisible. The rest kept resetting their bloom counter i think and are never ready to pick.
  11. Yes. Actually Klei added an unfertilized sprite to the nettle plants. However they did not allow me to fertilize them, so I assume they are fertilized already. I even tried digging them up again and replanting them.