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Rock Lobsters come along for a ride on the Skyworthy

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

After befriending a few Rock Lobsters in the caves, I traveled back to my RoG base. The RLs followed me above ground per usual. I then traveled to Hamlet via my Skyworthy, and the RLs came with me. Now they're wandering around the city eatin' rocks. 

Not sure if it's a bug per se, but thought devs should know it's possible. I have not yet tried taking "vanilla" pigmen, bunnymen, glommer, catcoons, or smallbirds into Hamlet. I haven't tried bringing any friendly mob into Shipwrecked either.

rock lobsters.png

Steps to Reproduce
Travel Hamlet -> Survival -> Caves. Befriend a few rock lobsters. Travel Caves -> Survival -> Hamlet. the lobsters should accompany you.

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