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Placing Tools on Starter Home shelf glitch

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I have learned that placing tools, in my case shears, on the starter home shelf causes them to glitch into the shelf after a few days. The tool embeds itself in the wall of the house behind the shelf and cannot be retrieved.


Steps to Reproduce
Placing a tool on the starter shelf and exiting the home a few times seems to do it.

User Feedback

Hi, thanks for the report - that is...puzzling indeed.

Could you send me your savegame if you still have it?

If possible, save when you're in your house (makes it easier for me to find the issue), go to 'Options' in the main menu, then to 'Report Bug'.

It'll allow you to enter a comment, maybe mention it's about the shears stuck in the shelves or something so that I can recognize the issue.

It would definitely help me analyze it better.


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