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Items Blowing On The Ground (PLEASE RESPOND)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Every time I make a RoG world compatible with Hamlet, any items that are sitting on the ground (gold, flint, rocks, grass, twigs, etc.) are always blowing as if the strong winds from SW Hurricane Season are present, which they are not. when they reach the edge of the map, they disappear in a poof of clouds.

(As a side note, there are 2 more bugs I would like to mention because NO ONE is replying to my other reports. Firstly, custom world settings for RoG doesn't work, if I change anything in the settings the game just generates a vanilla world instead. Secondly, the seasons in RoG worlds are getting mixed up. Autumn and spring both have the same greenish hue that is usually only in spring, and autumn has the spring music. I know that it is indeed autumn that is acting weird because the birch trees are different colors, and the bees are yellow.)

Steps to Reproduce
For the first one, just load a RoG world with default settings. For the second one, try creating a RoG world after you change some world settings. For the third one, start a default RoG world and make sure it starts with autumn.

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