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Infinite Security Contracts

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I was able to get infinite security contracts by stealing them. At dusk the mayor was still asleep, so I stole a security contract, and he woke up and replaced it, but the option to steal it was still there. So I stole it and he replaced it again, and I continued to steal it until Krampus was starting to get mad. I got 7 security contracts and I easily could have gotten more if I wanted. (only reason I stopped was because my inventory was getting full and at day 4 I didn't care to fight Krampus.)

Steps to Reproduce
1: steal security contract/deed at night 2. wait till next dusk 3. go inside the city hall, mayor will be asleep 4. steal security contract 5. mayor will wake up, replace it, and you can keep stealing it

User Feedback

This same thing happened to me in the healing item shop. At dusk (or night possibly), the shopkeeper fell asleep. I returned the next dusk and she was still asleep, and I was able to steal from all 6 pedestals, her scampering to replace them as I was stealing them. I was able to steal all the way until the next dawn, where command changed to "purchase".

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I just had the same thing happen to me last night while playing (was offline due to technical issues). Basically stole 7 stacks of gold from the Equipment shop.... This was the result.... Still not sure how I'm going to kill them all....


Stealing is bad mkay.png

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