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Hamlet Compatible SW World Accessible Without Hamlet

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Because of this thread: 

I went about testing something that I think should be barred from starting up the save. Below is the process I did:

  • Start DS with SW, RoG and Hamlet DLCs enabled
  • Generate new SW save that is Hamlet compatible
  • Let SW world generate
  • Save and exit then close DS
  • Disable Hamlet
  • Start DS with just SW and RoG
  • Start up SW Hamlet Compatible Save, showed Hamlet Early Access Prompt shown below:


  • Click Close, save starts and the world is completely black.


  • Accessing any of the Craft Tabs causes a crash:


I think we shouldn't be able to access Hamlet compatible worlds if we don't have Hamlet enabled.


Steps to Reproduce
1. Make SW save that is Hamlet Compatible while SW, RoG, Hamlet DLCs enabled. 2. Close game, disable Hamlet. 3. Open game, start SW save previously made Hamlet Compatible. 4. Crash on opening Craft Tabs

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