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Guards stuck in my house!

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I hired 2 guards and they were working fine but all of a sudden around when Roc showed up they got stuck running against a wall in my house and will not leave or stop no matter what I do. I may have missed someone else posting about this but did not see anything. Thanks!


Steps to Reproduce
I hired a second guard and Roc was flying and close to landing so I ran in my house and dropped a bunch of items to prepare then I left and ran to an underground relic entrance and went through to wait out a day to make Roc go away and now the guards are running against my home wall.

User Feedback

Ok also, I am pretty sure this is probably related but all my shop keepers are trying to run and just running against their walls as well.....


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I guess they were all scared of the big bird and just are forever running lol....at least they restock but I am annoyed with my guards.



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