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  1. When building farms inside your house (this is my junk house lol) you cannot interact with them after leaving and coming back in. The farm lets me plant a seed and works fine until I leave the house.I am assuming farms shouldn't be built inside but you cannot even hammer it to destroy it. All interactions are gone.
  2. I brought 5 guards into the mant hill to take on the queen, as I was walking through a door I got stuck in the wall and could not leave or access any doors. I did the c_gonext input to take me back to a city lamp because I did not have a firepit and my character left but my screen stayed stuck in the same place at the mant hill and I could not get it to move. I later moved my character to the mant hill exit with the input of c_gonext("anthill_exit") and could hear my player running about and things happening in the background and my screen even had the rainforest frame around it but was still stuck in this blank mant hill room.
  3. Guards stuck in my house!

    I guess they were all scared of the big bird and just are forever running lol....at least they restock but I am annoyed with my guards.
  4. Guards stuck in my house!

    Ok also, I am pretty sure this is probably related but all my shop keepers are trying to run and just running against their walls as well.....
  5. I hired 2 guards and they were working fine but all of a sudden around when Roc showed up they got stuck running against a wall in my house and will not leave or stop no matter what I do. I may have missed someone else posting about this but did not see anything. Thanks!