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Examine/Inspect bug

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I have encountered this issue a couple of times while playing Hamlet where sometimes on starting the game, left-click will be bound to "examine" and right-click will be bound to "inspect", making it impossible to select or use items in the inventory. So far I have been able to fix it by restarting the game to the menu.

Steps to Reproduce
Unknown. It just happens at random on loading up a game file, as far as I can tell.

User Feedback

Did you alt-tab out during the game load by any chance?

It's a DS oddity that sometimes when that happens the game sees alt-keypress but doesn't see alt-keyrelease so it thinks alt is still helpd down.

Tapping the alt key (or control if that somehow got 'stuck') would resolve it.

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