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double black bar for one respawn

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

hello! when you plant a magic flower, you have to reload the game for the black bar to appear, otherwise you can comfortably continue to play without the health limit. if you dig up the flower with the health limit and never replant it, the black bar remains until you reload.

id moved from the ham world to the shipwrecked world, and i dug up the flower and brought it with me, all done without reloading. i planted it, and went on my way with only the one bar. i loaded back in some hours later and now i have two black bars.

i reloaded again with the dug up flower and its taken it back to the one bar, even though i dont have any other respawns. my guess is that the health will be screwy until i die and use the flower, which is something i really dont want to do. i guess ill have to remember to dig up the flower before i quit so i dont have to reset the health through reloads, which is a bit annoying.

so heres a heads up: if you want to change worlds and bring along a magic flower, dig it up and quit first so your health penalty doesnt get doubled!

thank you, i hope this helps!




Steps to Reproduce
place the magic flower down in hamlet and then quit, reload and use the skyworthy to shipwrecked and place the flower somewhere, quit again, reload with double health penalty for one respawn

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