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Crash after giant bird event

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending


After Giant bird bring me to their nest, i tried to escape with cave leading to the main island.

when i go into cave, time went night and i heard weird noise like tapping on rocks or something it's really hurting my ears.

and when daytime comes weird ambient stopped i succeed to escape cave dungeon. when i come to my base, all the rainforest tree looked like this.

and after, in the nighttime, the weird noise started again. i'm pretty sure it's not usual situation, it sounds horrible and too loud for nature ambient. and when daytime comes, it crashes game and steam together for some reason.

birb ruined my savefile... i can't proceed to next day because game crashs.

Steps to Reproduce
i think the giant bird event causing a problem. i never had issue with bird themself, but nest causing a problem.

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