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  1. there's only single normal boulder on island, and no sinkhole
  2. After Giant bird bring me to their nest, i tried to escape with cave leading to the main island. when i go into cave, time went night and i heard weird noise like tapping on rocks or something it's really hurting my ears. and when daytime comes weird ambient stopped i succeed to escape cave dungeon. when i come to my base, all the rainforest tree looked like this. and after, in the nighttime, the weird noise started again. i'm pretty sure it's not usual situation, it sounds horrible and too loud for nature ambient. and when daytime comes, it crashes game and steam together for some reason. birb ruined my savefile... i can't proceed to next day because game crashs.
  3. I made new save for several times, since the first and second world was normal, but after third one all the world's generation rules getting wierd and same. starting with grass land next to it, biomes are cluster like mosaic in small ground space, grass herds everywhere and dropping my frame rate. most importantly, i'd like to playing in big worlds so i setting it to large size, when i do that, villages farmer area looked like this picture. bunch of farm area clustered in small terrain. crossing each other and glitched because there are so many farms generated in small area. and it wont change since i generated third world. maybe game saved last worldgen type for some reason... because all the world i generated are similar and has same troubles. it is weird first and second world didn't had those problems and generated fine.
  4. I killed the shopkeeper for trying to stealing those goods, there's no guard around here so i decided to do crime. (actually didn't work because i have to pay them still) but pig came out of nowhere and chasing me down outside of building and stuck in them. i can hurt by them if i get too close to wall. also they keep chasing on some dungeon, which is not so far away from that hamlet. i get hurt by guard right after enter the ruins because i stand near the wall. the guard not disappear and keep trying to chasing me in outside of those buildings.