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can trade with pigs more than once a day

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

I think you're only meant to be able to trade with each pig once a day, but the pig ladies who buy hedge clippings can be infinitely traded with. I found this bug because I accidentally clicked one I had already traded with before. Rather than being told to return tomorrow, she traded with me and gave me another oinc. I've tested it on multiple pigs and it seems like only the pigs that want to buy hedge clippings have this issue.

Steps to Reproduce
I just accidentally clicked on the same pig I had already traded with while I had my grass clippings selected. Instead of the message to come back tomorrow she gave me another oinc.

User Feedback

it is intended, not a bug. Not only the clipping pig, but also the banker(trades gems), professor(trades relics) and mayor(trade golds) have no limit of how many you can trade a day.

Imagine find 50 beautifulcian to trade all the clipping  you collected.

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