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Big bird caused problems

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

The big bird that appears during the humid season showed up like expected, and I had only encountered it once another time. I didn't know what to do so I went up to the beak when it was open with the smaller beaks but unfortunately it froze me(and the big bird) in place. Everything but my character was playing their animation, and I couldn't move or interact with my inventory. Naturally after encountering this I saved and exited, then loaded the save again. To my dismay, my character (Wilson) was still stuck (I also had a full beard at the time). My sanity drained until it was at zero and then the "crawler" nightmare monster became a mob and began to take away my health while Wilson was stuck in place, then it killed me. I'd like for y'all to fix this because hamlet is soooo fun! But unfortunately, that bug caused my play-through to end. 

Steps to Reproduce
I was wearing a pith hat and backpack and it was raining. I was near a lotus lake, grass, and a jungle. The day before, I had come back from another island and the vampire bat attack happened. It was daytime. Wilson was stuck in the animation of being idle. I do not have specifics of these things: health, hunger, sanity while walking. I had nothing equipped in the tool slot. I saved and exited only the save file, i did not restart don't starve

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