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A bunch of Aporkalypse bugs

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

1 -Feral pogs when standing a certain distance away from them they will move a little then stop and move again once their jump animation finishes 

2 -shadows are invisible during the aporkalpyse shadows are invisible but ancient robots and the heralds can hit them to make them slightly visible

3 -ancient robots can't hurt the ancient herald (might be intentional)

4 -Theres no Aporkalypse boss music (might be intentional but I know it exists in the files)

5 -Other seasonal effects are still active such as hayfeaver during aporkalypse (might be intentional)

Steps to Reproduce
1 have a pog be positioned between the end of the screen and the middle 2 bat/roc shadows are invisible, but if a iron hulk/herald attacks when the shadow passes over it will turn red as if attacked 3 has a robot hit the herald 4 attack a herald 5 activate the Aporkalypse during hayfeaver or humid

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