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Shops, Thunderbird, and Other Bugs/Crashes

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

Kept a short list of crashes/bugs I encountered over two games. No items or entities were spawned during either game.
(I know a list isn't traditionally the best way of reporting bugs, but I didn't want to make a new report for each individual issue.)

- Crashed leaving the Flower Shop.
- Leaving shops/home starts rain.
- After making a purchase, most shopkeepers continuously run into the leftmost wall.

- Thunderbird killed by hired Pig Guard performed death animation, but seconds later still performed a lightning attack when approached.
- Charged lightning effect still appears where Thunderbird was after being killed by a hired Pig Guard.
- Thunderbird doesn't attack hired Pig Guards. (May not be a bug, but thought this was strange.)

- Crashed exiting a Cave Cleft while Wilson was examining the Spooky Hole.
- Getting off a boat while affected by Hay Fever causes Wilson to sneeze and teleport upon exiting. (This happened on at least two occasions, one of which put me out of bounds. I was able to continue by building a new boat on a waterfall.)
- At least twice, an overwhelming amount of Vampire Bats spawned for a wave. The first wave consisted of around three, which seems normal, but later on I got waves like this:
(Not the prettiest screenshot, but you get the idea. There's more than 20 bats here.)

Steps to Reproduce
Any relevant variables are included above. If details are missing, assume I don't know them.

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