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House inside of a house glitch (With pictures, Hamlet)

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

So I was messing around with the creative mode command in the new beta right? I built the Slanty Shanty or whatever it was called and went inside, I thought "Maybe I could make a house inside of a house?" turns out I was right and went inside the 'double' house and came back out. The whole screen was black but I could still build and walk around. Just me, a couple of pig houses and a void. 



Steps to Reproduce
F.Y.I I did this using the creative mode console command. Make a slanty shanty and put any pig building inside and go inside the new building, step back out and witness the cold embrace of the Hamlet void.
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Thanks :)

Yep we are aware of this issue, but not sure it qualifies as a real bug as it couldn't be achieved through regular gameplay.

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