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Delayed Pig Guard Reaction to Masked Pig

  • Version: PC/MAC/Linux Pending

A Masked Pig spawned while I was wandering through town, so I tried to lead him to a Pig Guard to aggro them into chasing the MP away. When his appearance wasn't enough to warrant a reaction, I let MP swipe at my character while still in front of the PG.

MP knocked all of my money out of my inventory, into the street, and started collecting it. As I raced against MP to gather coins the PG continued to act neutral. It wasn't until MP finished grabbing oincs and ran off that the PG became alert and gave chase.

It doesn't make sense for a Pig Guard to ignore grand theft occurring right in front of him when my character gets run through town for picking the wrong flower.  :p



Edit: Realized I have a second screenshot that shows OTHER pigs reacting to the MP, as though a chase had been triggered:



Steps to Reproduce
- Load new Hamlet world; play as Wendy? - Use console command to spawn 90 tenpiece oincs into inventory - Run across a Masked Pig - Lead MP to a Pig Guard - Let MP hit you

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