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Wheeler's Pistol Shoot Animations missing Tail sprite

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Shipwrecked, Hamlet Pending

This is probably a rare scenario but any character's with tails that use the pew-matic horn or any other modded weapons that use this animation. The tail symbol disappears, the only vanilla character with a tail in don't starve single player is wilbur but I imagine modded character's are popular and if skins ever do become a mechanic in single player. This is a simple bug to fix.

This issue is because the animation for the pistol firing is missing the tail symbol, its as simple as animating it in to solve this.

Edit 2:
It seems this animation has numerous rigging issues with hands disconnecting from wrists and the regular arm seems to break its bones in multiple places.

Steps to Reproduce

Equip and shoot weapons like the pew-matic horn with character's with tails or any character as the animation has numerous broken bones.

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