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Steam Cloud Save: Linux Client to Windows garbles controller configs

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When playing on the Linux client of the game, having cloud saves on and then opening the game back up on a Windows PC completely garbles the controls on the Windows client. Fortunately, the controls on the Linux client stay the same even after having opened the game on Windows.

However, it's pretty cumbersome when playing/modding the game on both Windows PC and for example the Steam Deck. I've just been playing with cloud saves off, which is obviously not ideal.

Proposed solution:
It'd be amazing if there was an option to only sync save files, rather than also syncing control schemes too.

Steps to Reproduce
  • Have Steam Cloud saves on.
  • Open the game with the Linux client.
  • Close the game (Steam should sync your files to the cloud automatically).
  • Open the game on the Windows client.
  • Notice all the controls are garbled (Check the controls screen).

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