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  1. I understand this sentiment, however for someone like me this isn't really feasible. My college work takes up a huge chunk of my time so that rarely leaves enough to watch Youtubers or Twitch streamers. If I'd want the skins I'd have to AFK for them. Personally, I wouldn't like to have empty viewers on my streams so I tend to just pass them up as a whole.
  2. No one is belittling DST. If we hated the game, we wouldn't be on the forums giving suggestions on how to further improve it. I personally am not a fan of the "Don't like it, mod it" mentality. It works for some little applications, but with things as general balance/gamemodes, or even adding new features, is in my opinion something better done by the developers of the game themselves. -- Here's another one. I'm not even sure how to react to this. We're normal people trying to converse suggestions for a game, and you're once more trying to turn it into a hot-headed argument. Toxicity is relative, and from my perspective, you're being very toxic to us.
  3. winona and pc culture

    I'm sure you know this, but the thread was a joke from the start. Low effort at that.
  4. You should not be expecting a game (Any game) to officially release completely broken content. If your standards are that low, something has gone horribly wrong.
  5. I wouldn't say so. I mean, it will absolutely take some resources, but PVP players aren't asking for a game redesign. Most of us already enjoy the way it is, but would like it even more if certain things were altered or added- if we look past giving it a more involved battle system or character perks, all that's left is buffs and nerfs to existing content here and there. From what I can think of, it shouldn't be extreme on resources. They already have a variable for if PVP is enabled IIRC- in fact, I'll try something right now (Keep in mind this is C# and not lua, but the concept is still the same): // Sleep drowsiness if (PVP_enabled == true) { Drowsiness = 1f; // 1 second of drowsiness } else { Drowsiness = 10f; // 10 second of drowsiness } That is all. This type of small change for a couple of things like Sleepytime Stories range, drowsiness, Fire Staff durability and such would help out a ton I feel.
  6. I definitely agree with the first two. Ice staff doesn't necessarily cover a win, if you're in a team then yeah it's much more lethal, but still not as bad as sleep. I think if options to counter sleep were added, or the drowsy-effect and animation lock nerfed at least would get us a pretty long way.
  7. It's less jabbing and more calling out. Jabbing is when there's technically no reason to insult someone indirectly or directly, but they do it anyway. Comparatively, Oversus calling me drunk, winking around, and generally being a bit passive agressive could be considered as such. I thought it to be common sense for any changes to be enabled to PVP only, however I see now that I didn't directly state this in my posts; you're correct, my apologies. For your last point, again, PVP is a choice. You don't have to participate. If there were any changes to invigorate players into trying it, awesome, but again it's not mandatory to play. It won't hurt PVE if PVP gets more support.
  8. I hope you realize the irony in this post.
  9. Oh dear oh dear. I'm starting to believe I should just reply to these with "Learn how to read". Not a personal jab I assure you, it's just tiring having to explain my previous points more than 4 times. First of all, again, you're focussing on the bad aspects of PVP. From what you've written it also seems you feel everyone that enjoys it is toxic and annoying, yet you've only tried it two or maybe even three times. Anyways. Please don't talk of balancing a gamemode when you have little to no experience in these types of things. Homogenization in PVE-PVP games has occurred many times before and usually ends up with many players unhappy. Having a true, 100% balance is practically impossible; there will always be a character or class that is better than the other. But that doesn't in any way mean you can't come close, and no, it does not require everyone to be a Wilson clone. Buff up weaker characters to the other's level. In general, unique ways to counter, overpower or outsmart are all we need. I honestly can't tell if you're being serious at this point. "Learn how to read" applies here as well. There's many, many assumptions in this part of your post- I don't think I have to adress them all, you know they hold no merit. I'm not sure where it came from, but nobody's here for "sadistic pleasure". If you want to RP, I believe there's a Roleplay section on these forums. Here, I'll send you in the right direction: Quite a bit of the same. Again, as.... let's see, scrolling up quickly I see three or more people have mentioned in this thread before, these changes should they happen would be entirely seperate from PvE. Obviously. P.S, Please consider learning how to read. Thank you.
  10. In that case, let's remove Beefalo riding, pets, some boss drops, and more. I'm not sure what you're trying to say.
  11. Yes, let's vouch for less content in this game! Very good, screw the minority, right? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Worthless posts aside, I personally find the preparation aspect of PVP one of the most interesting parts. The battles are fun of course, you can put your gear and knowledge to the test, but a very big portion of it is just preparation. If Klei were to add some more depth to the actual player-to-player combat you could get something really interesting.
  12. You're entirely missing OP's point. Having DS and DST be seperate games divide their resources for no reason; even if they were to drop support for DS, players can still play alone in DST as they would in singleplayer. The only difference is now players who want to play with their friends can do so without lacking awesome content that, for some reason, one of the game's versions does have and the other does not. As a side note, I can't count the amount of times I've recommended Don't Starve to my friends only to have them be confused on which version to get. "Huh? But why is there two of the same game on the store?" It's quite akward and honestly, the benefits of having them be seperate games do not outweigh the drawbacks by far.
  13. I completely agree. I don't see Klei porting the expansions anytime soon, but the idea of giving the DLC's owners their respective characters is relatively realistic. Seperate game DLC's aside, I don't see it as too big of an issue technically to bring them to DST. Skins are the only thing I can think of, but I'm sure players wouldn't mind having to wait a while for them if it means having access to their favourite DLC-character. Hopefully Klei will consider this!
  14. I don't think you've fully read my reply. Let's see. Firstly, if you're going into a player-hosted PvP server, you should expect nothing less than to get spawnkilled. You cannot know what they're doing from the outside; for example, they could be in creative mode with friends or some such- and if you're afraid of getting instakilled, don't trust a player-hosted server. Simple as that. Your other points boil down to getting better at the gamemode. If this is your first time going into PvP, you shouldn't expect to rule a server singlehandedly (if that's what you're going for). I'm not trying to say PvP is balanced though. Wigfrid spawncamping does happen, but that's something Klei could tweak, or, find a good PvP server which I imagine you didn't do. To me it seems you didn't give it a fair chance- and if you go into something wanting to hate it, of course you're not going to like it. This is a very important line. If there's swearing and you want to play without hearing what other players are saying, there is a mute option just for that. And I'm sure you know this, but you are also not obligated to play. If you wanna build base for the 100th time, you can do just that in other servers. Know though that there are people who do like sparring against eachother and have friends who don't leave them over a game of Don't Starve. Besides, you talk as if cursing and getting frustrated with others doesn't happen in the holy vanilla survival experience. Who's that toxic Wicker flaming at someone for misplacing a bush? All this isn't to say you can't have people be nice to eachother in PvP, quite the contrary. I feel that being sweet to someone in a gamemode where you're supposed to kill eachother holds much more merit than it would in PvE- though that's for you to decide, I suppose. This... is old news. PvP in PvE games has never been admired by everyone. Again, just because something isn't popular, should it be ignored completely? Like I said in my previous post, aren't the people who are downtalking it are kind of making sure it stays unpopular? I believe you have again misunderstood what I said. Perhaps it was the way I wrote it, but nevertheless. This behaviour, referring to people bandwagoning on things without having looked into them, seems to be quite prominent. This is my criticism for these forums in general; not just PvP. Though, that's a topic for another day- I believe we've already gone slightly off the subject rails here.
  15. I'm sorry, but this post alone shows you've never done PvP in this game. I used to play on PvP servers very often with my friends- still do at times, and it very rarely gets toxic with other players involved. Drawing comparisons to Counter Strike or WoT is a moot point, considering those are games with a ranking system and DST is not. Does it happen? Of course, as with any slightly-competitive gamemode in any game. But just seeing it and going "ew, PVP" is a terrible mindset because it encourages other players to think the same without ever having touched it. I've noticed this type of behaviour seems to happen alot on these forums. That aside, Wortox is not quite balanced yet, PVP or no. I think his crazy powerful healing utility should not be nerfed directly, however it needs to have some sort of limit. Butterflies should not be able to give you 24 HP. A souls' power should be relative to the mob you kill. I made a suggestion on how this could be achieved here as well.