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  1. Hi there, you reached out to me on my mod page. I'm not too sure. The atlas you've linked is definitely transparent, maybe it could be a compiler issue? Are you using Extended Character Template? If not, I highly recommend it, as it does the stitching together of the character atlas for you which could prevent frustrations like this. It also has a really neat tutorial you can follow if you're new to using the template.
  2. That's quite a shame. Thank you for clearing that up, though. Would you know if it'd be possible to get the same effect with the available methods that are in DS? I'm not sure how versatile these are.
  3. Hello all, Recently I've been trying to mod DS (Not DST), and I've come across an issue where I need this DST animstate function in order to swap a symbol's z-order with another one: AnimState:SetMultiSymbolExchange("symbol1", "symbol2"); Unfortunately however, this doesn't seem to exist in the single player version of the game, and I thought I might be able to port it over by copying it from DST into DS; thing is, I can't find where Klei put these functions in the files, so I presume they are hidden from user view. I figured to post it in this forum since it kinda relates and is a lot more active than DS's one. So I ask, does anyone know if you can find them and where/if you can port it over, or, does anyone have a workaround to have this method's functionality within DS? Thank you in advance.
  4. You should not be expecting a game (Any game) to officially release completely broken content. If your standards are that low, something has gone horribly wrong.
  5. I agree with this. In my opinion Wortox should probably have his Souls tied to/replace his hunger bar. This way you don't have to implement different "soul" items for each and every mob and have it clutter up your inventory; you can just scale the amount of Soul gained per mob. You'd right-click your hunger bar to drop a soul. This'd also add a dynamic of risk/reward, considering Souls and hunger would then be one resource while still maintaining the spiky-powerful utility everyone loves.