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  1. Hello Klei, I've got a problem. My character has component variables that save/load a pretty essential part of her kit, which is gained as you use her perks over time (as in, unlockables). When recovering from Wonkey, the custom component is reset, including saved variables. You might understand this is problematic for something that is in essence unavoidable. When looking in the code, the methods for saving/rerolling character stats before and after Wonkey are as follows (in player_common.lua): Unfortunately, these aren't done very dynamically. With help of the lovely people at the Klei Discord I have tried adding my component to these methods using a PlayerPostInit, however, while SaveForReroll gets modified perfectly, LoadForReroll seems to discard/ignore the extra data. Regardless, even if this did work perfectly, it is obviously a band-aid, which brings me to the title of the topic. Instead of having them hardcoded as they are, would it be possible to have SaveForReroll loop over all the components and call a new OnSaveForReroll() function on each of them (and of course modify LoadForReroll to accommodate the change)? That way, mods can adjust their behaviour to the new mechanic, and more importantly, data won't be lost. I hope you guys think about it.
  2. Hi, my apologies for the late reply, I don't check the forums too often. If it's still happening, could you provide a crash log? I might be able to fix your issue ^^
  3. Version 1.1.20


    Thought I'd finally upload this here for accessibility. Steam Workshop links: DS: DST: Intro Flaire is a princess, who would much rather be a spellblade! Secretly training to become one, a strange voice lead her to the Don't Starve world, where she continues her training without interruption... Basic usage * To cast a spell, you must have a useable weapon in hand. (Swords, spears, tentacle spikes, etc.) * Left clicking on the Mana gauge cycles forward in your spell repertoire, and right clicking it cycles backwards. Note that you must have a weapon in hand for this to work. Perks * Mana gauge: Flaire has access to a new resource called Mana; this is her bread and butter. When a spell is cast, it uses up a chunk of mana. Mana regenerates passively only when treading upon nature turf. This makes some places indirectly more dangerous, so be careful! The above means the same for handcrafted turfs like wooden flooring and such. However, she can create a structure that will not only increase mana regen in the area, but also allow you to regen mana on those handcrafted turfs. So don't worry about base building! You can find this structure under the Science tab, and it must be prototyped with an Alchemy Engine. * Can cast spells: Flaire has the ability to cast spells. These can be used to heal, dish out good damage, and more, utilizing the mana gauge. You start with two base spells, a damaging and a healing spell; however, more can be obtained by defeating enemies, having used at least one spell in the battle. It's a low chance for it to drop, but gets higher with each spell cast. Flaire can also attune to the elements! Well, not by herself. She's not experienced a spellblade enough for that yet! When you face the elements in a rudimentary way, you (potenially forcefully) attune yourself to that element, also known as aspect. Certain aspects enhance some spells, but weaken others. Careful with those fire hounds/moisture meter! Adding to the above, the special power of gems does allow her to activate an aspect on demand, but be careful- once you're in an aspect, you have to ride it out fully! * Good with a sword: As a spellblade, Flaire is pretty accustomed to sword-casting. Therefore, she's much better at casting spells with sword weapons compared to other weapons (spears, hambat, etc.) When you hit an enemy three times (with a castable weapon), you activate your combo! Your base spells then cost 50% less mana. Note the combo effect won't pop up if you don't have enough mana for a spell. Additionally, she spawns with a blueprint for her very own sword, like Wigfrid has her own spear! (But, you have to craft it first!) * Is a reserved eater Eating prepared crockpot foods gives Flaire a certain amount of mana instantly. The amount recovered is determined by the food's hunger value. The bigger it is, the more mana it regens; however, if the meal is too big, she will only recover a small amount of mana. As a princess, she is used to being a bit more reserved at the dinner table. Therefore, you cannot eat foods while full, preventing mass healing/other effects from foods- but most importantly, controls how much mana you can instantly regenerate. Other features include: Custom quotes (DS + ROG fully done) Custom voice! Mod support (She can automatically use modded swords to cast, so long as they have the word "Sword" in the name!) If you have a special modded weapon you'd like Flaire to be able to cast with, there are tags you can add to your weapon; - "spellbladeflaire_wepSword" for sword weapons - "spellbladeflaire_wepOther" for other weapon types Spellcast hotkeys! Configure in mod settings If you find any bugs, lemme know. I'll try to fix them! Also, I do art things on Twitter, not necessarily DS related- but if anyone's interested:
  4. That's quite a shame. Thank you for clearing that up, though. Would you know if it'd be possible to get the same effect with the available methods that are in DS? I'm not sure how versatile these are.
  5. Hello all, Recently I've been trying to mod DS (Not DST), and I've come across an issue where I need this DST animstate function in order to swap a symbol's z-order with another one: AnimState:SetMultiSymbolExchange("symbol1", "symbol2"); Unfortunately however, this doesn't seem to exist in the single player version of the game, and I thought I might be able to port it over by copying it from DST into DS; thing is, I can't find where Klei put these functions in the files, so I presume they are hidden from user view. I figured to post it in this forum since it kinda relates and is a lot more active than DS's one. So I ask, does anyone know if you can find them and where/if you can port it over, or, does anyone have a workaround to have this method's functionality within DS? Thank you in advance.
  6. You should not be expecting a game (Any game) to officially release completely broken content. If your standards are that low, something has gone horribly wrong.
  7. I agree with this. In my opinion Wortox should probably have his Souls tied to/replace his hunger bar. This way you don't have to implement different "soul" items for each and every mob and have it clutter up your inventory; you can just scale the amount of Soul gained per mob. You'd right-click your hunger bar to drop a soul. This'd also add a dynamic of risk/reward, considering Souls and hunger would then be one resource while still maintaining the spiky-powerful utility everyone loves.