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  1. I understand this sentiment, however for someone like me this isn't really feasible. My college work takes up a huge chunk of my time so that rarely leaves enough to watch Youtubers or Twitch streamers. If I'd want the skins I'd have to AFK for them. Personally, I wouldn't like to have empty viewers on my streams so I tend to just pass them up as a whole.
  2. No one is belittling DST. If we hated the game, we wouldn't be on the forums giving suggestions on how to further improve it. I personally am not a fan of the "Don't like it, mod it" mentality. It works for some little applications, but with things as general balance/gamemodes, or even adding new features, is in my opinion something better done by the developers of the game themselves. -- Here's another one. I'm not even sure how to react to this. We're normal people trying to converse suggestions for a game, and you're once more trying to turn it into a hot-headed argument. Toxicity is relative, and from my perspective, you're being very toxic to us.
  3. You should not be expecting a game (Any game) to officially release completely broken content. If your standards are that low, something has gone horribly wrong.
  4. I agree with this. In my opinion Wortox should probably have his Souls tied to/replace his hunger bar. This way you don't have to implement different "soul" items for each and every mob and have it clutter up your inventory; you can just scale the amount of Soul gained per mob. You'd right-click your hunger bar to drop a soul. This'd also add a dynamic of risk/reward, considering Souls and hunger would then be one resource while still maintaining the spiky-powerful utility everyone loves.