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No more sound from the game

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The game sounds and music stopped working i have to relaunch the game to make it work again

Steps to Reproduce

To get this I was afk for a long time (like few hours), my pc went on standby mode and when i got back, everything was fine except the game sounds/music wasn't here anymore. Just the game, every other sounds from my pc were ok.

User Feedback

I'm thinking its something with the program not being able to find the right sound driver when switching which audio output to use, as i have the same problem but with a slightly different outcome, such as when i unplug my headphones, the game redirects all audio to come out of my speakers, even after i re-plug my headphones back in and wont be fixed unless i completely restart the game, and there is another old game that also has this exact bug (surprise, its minecraft 1.16.5 and below, haven't played any of the newer versions to test) leading me to think its just a by product of how god dang old it is. would love to be wrong tho.

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