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I can't run my Don't Starve

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Vanilla - NO DLC Pending

I tried to start the game by pressing the play button but then the progress stopped after the cancel button appeared for about 3 seconds, then the green play button came back and I pressed it again, the result is still not starting can run. Then I removed the game from my computer and re-downloaded it successfully but it still didn't work. I went to the properties section then checked the game's data file, the message didn't show any errors and I restarted my pc but it didn't work. The end result is still the same loop. (PC A)

Then, I take another PC then download Dont Starve in there and the game run easily. (PC B)

P/S: PC A i already have Dont Starve Together and play it normaly

Steps to Reproduce

Just open Steam and cant run it 

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