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Flotsam Won't Despawn

  • DLC VERSION - IMPORTANT!: Shipwrecked, Hamlet Pending

In prefabs/flotsam_basegame.lua line 94

local function OnTimer(inst, timerdata)
    if timerdata.name == "decay" then
        if inst.components.flotsamfisher.lootleft > 0 then
            inst.components.timer:StartTimer("decay", TUNING.FLOTSAM_DECAY_TIME)

In components/timer.lua line 29 and 148

local timerfn = function() self.inst:PushEvent("timerdone", {name = name}) self:StopTimer(name) end

"StopTimer" is called after "PushEvent", resulting "OnTimer" function in flotsam_basegame failing to "StartTimer", when the timer already exists.

Use inst:DoTaskInTime(0,function() inst.components.timer:StartTimer("decay",TUNING.FLOTSAM_DECAY_TIME) end ) instead will fix this.


FYI, timer component in basegame worked fine, since it pushed event after stopping timer. The Order must have been changed for some other reasons in dlc2&3, so I don't recommend modifying timer.lua.

Steps to Reproduce

Enable sw or hamlet, spawn a flotsam ingame, wait and see it never decays completely.

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