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Yuletide Frock Missing from Item Collection

Marcus Hunder
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I loved the Yuletide Frock and always used it on Wendy but a month ago it vanished from my item collection. I did not unravel it. I asked my friends if they had had the item too and a friend of mine also had the Frock and had it go missing from their collection. Neither of us bought it, we got it randomly in-game. The friend and I have other items that were released during the Winter's Feast Event that still show up in our item collection. Does anyone still have theirs? Is there a way we could get it back? It was my favorite item...

Steps to Reproduce

1. Randomly obtain the Yuletide Frock in-game.

2. Play with it equipped for a month.

3. ???? It vanishes.

User Feedback

The Yuletide Frock that you are speaking of was the limited time version that's available to everyone only during the Winter's Feast. If you want that skin for yourself to use year-round, its available on the steam market. Because its an item on the steam market, you can also find someone that's willing to trade for it. 


Edit: Oh, you also could have some filters enabled that's preventing you from seeing it in the first place if you did get it as a drop & I misunderstood you. Make sure the Weavable Filter is Set to Off.

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