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WX-78 Survivor Skin Visual Bug

Mr. Surreal
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Put simply, the incorrect model is shown whenever WX-78 moves towards the left. Instead of the side with the exposed gear and in-tact bolt showing (the model that shows when moving left), the side with the broken down rusted bolt shows when moving both left and right (despite this model being the model that is shown only when moving right.) See files for clarity.

Both images have WX-78's left side model showing for both side models. This is the bug, as this is not what WX-78's Survivor skin should look like.



Steps to Reproduce

I am not sure how visual bugs are caused, nor am I aware of how to reproduce said bug. This bug happened earlier this year, around January.

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User Feedback

My first post on this site was something like this, touching on his unfinished skin. Its something to do with limitations and honestly would use up too many resources trying to fix all the skins that do this.

 This is the post if you need to read the replies and find out why. 


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Yup, that's a limitation of our animation system. Our character animations/models only have one side profile view.

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