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Wurt able to not change skin forms from "king-ed" to "unking-ed", and vice-versa

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After a Merm King dies or is created, Wurt changes appearance and stats. That change is triggered with an animation sequence. If right before the animation is supposed to begin, Wurt makes an attacking action (a second or two after the moment a king dies or is created), her buffing animation will be canceled. Then the stats will still change appropriately, but not her appearance. (Only tested on her new skin, Little Sinker).

I have tested this with some other actions, including opening the wardrobe, equipping and unequipping handslot, but only managed to reproduce it with the attacking action. Could very well be because I only managed to get the timing right while attacking.

Steps to Reproduce

Feed two pumpkins to merm sitting on the royal tapestry ("mermthrone")

After the merm begins his animation, start attacking him (or on any other available mob)

If the timing was right, buffing animation doesn't happen, and appearance remains unchanged.



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