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Wormwood crashes server when planting seeds

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If Wormwood plants a seed the server crashes. We didn't try it today, but in the past no one can plant a seed without the server crashing if someone is playing Wormwood. I know people have reported this bug a few times, but it's driving our little group crazy. We play on a private server, and it has happened to us every time on the beta branch and on the live branch. I am happy to help reproduce the bug or work with you in any way on this because we really want to play Wormwood, and not being able to plant is pretty crippling.

Steps to Reproduce
Playing Wormwood on a private server on beta or live branch. 2-3 other people playing. Wormwood (or anyone) plants a seed anywhere.

User Feedback

It's because you have the MyPets mod installed. This is evident from your client log and has been determined to be the cause of this specific bug from the several past bug reports saying the same issue.

Look in the steam comments of that mod to see that its the culprit and also look for the comment in that steam page for a user that has posted a fix for that mod.

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AAHHH thank you so much!! Sorry for not doing thorough research and not catching this. I so appreciate your feedback.

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