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Wormwood Bloom Flowers & Turf

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So I only just recently noticed that Wormwood's flower fx during blooming don't sprout out of certain turfs (carpet, wood, rocky). It's such a fun attention to detail addition that I love, but there's some inconsistency with it. Despite not being... soil-y enough the following exceptions exist:

- Boats
- Checkered Turf
- Scaled Flooring
- Rocky Beach Turf
- Cave Rock Turf
- Moon Crater Turf
- Shell Beach Turf
- Archive Turf
- Ruins Turf
...Possibly more. These are the ones I noticed.

I don't know how much of this is for the sake of allowing the flowers to be seen as much as possible, but at the very least I hope it's reasonable enough to disable on boats—it looks very bad, especially when the boat is moving.

Steps to Reproduce

- Pick Wormwood
- Walk on the mentioned ground-types

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