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Why players always connect with no incoming migration?

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[00:01:09]: Serializing world: session/425D2A57D1C8EED9/0000001187
[00:01:28]: [Shard] #937 -> session/425D2A57D1C8EED9/A7GP8TVUTF0C/0000001188
[00:01:28]: [Shard] Received migration #937 data for (KU_6KT_xhmC)
[00:02:02]: [P2P] Session request for '76561198331133072'
[00:02:05]: [P2P] Create session:|1 '76561198331133072'
[00:02:05]: [P2P] Received from|1 '76561198331133072'
[00:02:05]: [P2P] Sent to|1 '76561198331133072'
[00:02:28]: [Shard] Migration by user ('KU_6KT_xhmC') failed (177). 
[00:02:45]: New incoming connection|16850 <6693278365887925824>
[00:02:45]: Client connected from|16850 <6693278365887925824>
[00:02:45]: ValidateGameSessionToken pgs-usc^KU_6KT_xhmC^DontStarveTogether^Fmyo8V9tJ6Wpw8sDhecyGGHJCkFqQV5re33iAVOZSVQ= for <6693278365887925824>
[00:02:46]: Client authenticated: (KU_6KT_xhmC) Alex
[00:02:46]: [Steam] SendUserConnectAndAuthenticate for '76561198331133072'
[00:02:47]: [Steam] Authenticated client '76561198331133072'
[00:03:13]: There is no active event to validate against.
[00:03:13]: [Shard] Player 'KU_6KT_xhmC' connected with no incoming migration, disconnecting them.
[00:03:13]: CloseConnectionWithReason: ID_DST_USER_CONNECTION_FAILED
[00:03:13]: [Steam] SendUserDisconnect for '76561198331133072'

Steps to Reproduce

Create a multi-layered world server and let players get in.

User Feedback

Notice that there is a 'Migration by user ('KU_6KT_xhmC') failed (177). ' with no reasons before disconnecting.

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