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When server is paused, placers don't get cleaned up when mouse moves over UI

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Expected behavior:

  • When paused, mousing over the UI or invalid ground tiles hides the pitchfork tile indicator (matching behavior when unpaused)

Observed behavior:

  • When paused, mousing over the UI or invalid ground tiles keeps the pitchfork tile indicator and it won't disappear until unpaused

I believe this is due to PlayerController:OnWallUpdate missing the section of PlayerController:OnUpdate that handles action selection and updating placers.

(this came to my attention due to a crash with Geometric Placement, caused by inadventently sharing some global state that came into conflict when multiple grids are shown simultaneously)

Steps to Reproduce
  • c_give("pitchfork"), equip it
  • c_mat("researchlab"), pre-build it but cancel placement
  • pause the game while mousing is over diggable ground (pitchfork tile outline showing)
  • click on the pre-built recipe icon for the Science Machine
  • now both science machine and pitchfork placers are showing
  • unpausing causes the pitchfork placer to disappear immediately; doing this without pausing causes it to disappear when mousing over the recipe icon

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