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Weird skin layering with Toymaker's Clogs

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Wanda's slip sticks out when wearing other shirts and, inexplicably, even some full-body outfits like the Abigail overalls or Walter's bee costume, with the Toymaker's Clogs. It works with most dresses and some other full-body outfits like Wes's clown suit though, so I'm not sure what the pattern is. This seems to apply for all the characters who have a slip incorporated into their base skin, so Wanda, Willow and Wickerbottom with elegant head skins; it doesn't affect Wilson or Wigfrid, for example, and with their default skins it's the skirt/apron of their default outfit that sticks out instead, which is fine I guess???






Steps to Reproduce

Pick Willow, Wickerbottom or Wanda on the character screen or in the Wardrobe section. Put on an elegant head skin of your choice and a shirt or certain full-body costumes. Put on the Toymaker's Clogs.

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