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Webber need rework on "Attack" and "force attack" button

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I strongly recommend to rework the target search of the "Attack" button and "Force Attack" button.

Webber should NOT be able to use "Attack" to target spiders or spider dens. instead, "force attack" should be necessary if you wanna attack a spider/spider den.

Webber should be able to use "Attack" to target pigman/wildbore and bunnyman.

This is pretty annoying during hounds attacking. When hounds are fighting with your spider friends. You need to use your mouse to targe the hounds because the "Attack" button will target both spiders and hounds. The closer mod will be punched...

Thus it is impossible for me to use a gamestick controller to play Webber.

Steps to Reproduce
1. start DST as webber 2. build spider dens around hound nests 3. It is really hard to use the "Attack" button to attack hounds because spiders are also counted as enemies.

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